Why Your Wedding Needs Video

Written by: Erin Bell | Wedding Storyteller

Weddings aren’t cheap. And budgets come with decisions.

Maybe you decide you can live with fake flowers over real, or that a smaller, less expensive venue will accommodate your guests. There are countless areas where you might be thinking you could scrimp and save while still having a beautiful day.

But if your wedding videographer is one the things on the chopping block, well, you may want to reconsider.

Photos aren’t enough

Hiring a wedding photographer is usually a given. However, photos can’t capture everything you want to remember about your special day in the way that video can. Yes, it’s great to have a picture of your first dance as a married couple, but what about reliving that moment in motion? From your father’s speech to the dress reveal, video can take you back through memories in a truly immersive way.

You’ll have audible moments — the tears during your vows, the words of wisdom imparted during your friends’ and families’ toasts, that look of love and pure happiness as you prepare to share your first kiss. Capture the Knot wants you to remember those instances in their fullness.

But will the videographers be in the way?

There’s no film crew. No lights or audio booms. You’ll barely notice the videographers because they’re there to catch natural moments. Capture the Knot has a team of diverse videographers who focus on details and in-the-moment emotions. Essentially, our staff won’t be underfoot or in your face.

Depending on the package you choose, we typically send either one or two videographers, and they work discreetly with minimal, yet quality, equipment. They’ll be seeking out the best parts of your wedding day so that you’ll have those memories for years to come.

I’m still worried about the cost

We get it. You still have money on the mind. But wedding videographers aren’t as expensive as you think, and their service is truly worth it if you want to relive great memories from your wedding day. At Capture the Knot, we believe in offering a quality product at an affordable price. Plus, we offer a variety of options so you get the footage you want.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our prices and packages.

Ceremony: For $1,000 one videographer will capture all the details of your ceremony with three camera angles and two wireless microphones.

Ceremony and reception: Want more? With this $1,500 package, you will receive full coverage of the ceremony and two hours of the reception to capture the first dances, cake cutting, and the toasts.
Basic package: For $3,400 you’ll get up to six hours of coverage and a three- to five-minute slow-mo highlight video to easily share your special day.

Premiere package: For $4,200 you’ll get up to 10 hours of coverage and a six- to eight-minute slow-mo highlight video.

Short documentary: We take the special moments of your wedding day for $6,000 and create a 10- to 15-minute short documentary film.

You can also request same-day edits or a love story to share at your reception. There are more details on those add-ons here.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be thankful that there’s video to look back at as your marriage grows.