Finding ‘the one’

Four tips for choosing your wedding videographer

Written by: Erin Bell | Wedding Storyteller

After months of planning, your wedding day goes by in a flash. That’s why documenting every special moment is a must.

Video is the perfect way to do that. So here are our tips to find the right videographer for your big day.

Know what you want

Think about the key moments you want to be captured. Do you only care about the ceremony? Or do you want footage from the reception? What about behind-the-scene glimpses? Your answers to these questions will determine how many hours you’ll need to book the videographer. Capture the Knot has a few packages for you to choose from, so answering these questions will also help you narrow down what to select.

Lay out expectations

Along with knowing what you want comes articulating that to whoever you choose to hire. If there’s a particular type of feel you want — usually you can get cinematic, documentary or a mixture of both — let your videographer know upfront.

Additionally, you might ask if there is an option to see the raw footage before it’s edited. This will allow you to point out what’s truly special to you so that it’s sure to make the final cut.

Sound bites and soundtracks

Catching audio, especially during a ceremony, means some people may have to wear microphones. This depends on the venue, but usually, the mic can be worn by the groom, hidden by his boutonniere, and the officiant. Of course, the goal is always to be as discreet as possible while capturing everything you want to remember.

Soundtracks are also great for ambiance and can be blended with audio during the editing process. If there’s a special song or genre that you’d like, communicate that to your videographer. Ideally, this should be done before the ceremony because song preference could affect how the videographer will shoot the footage.

Their work and how they work

This almost goes without saying, but check out each videographer’s previous work. This will give you a good sense of what you can expect your final product to look like. Make notes of what you like and don’t like. In the end, this research will help lead you to your perfect fit.

It’s also not a bad idea to meet the videographer in person before booking. You want to make sure your personalities jive and that they’ll be great to work with when your wedding rolls around.

At Capture the Knot, we have a diverse group of videographers who shoot in a variety of styles so that you’re sure to find one you enjoy working with. Additionally, in total, our staff has shot over 100 weddings. Check out our work here.