Are same-day edits worth it?

Written by: Erin Bell | Wedding Storyteller

Same-day edits — it’s become a popular request in the world of wedding videography. But is the trend right for you and your special day? Let us help you weigh your options.

How does it work?

We’ll shoot and edit a three- to five-minute highlight video of your wedding day that can be played at your reception. You’ll even be able to share it on Facebook before the party’s over to give a glimpse of the festivities to friends and family who weren’t able to attend.

How long do edits take?

We try to allot at least an hour between the last event and playing the video for your friends and family.

How do you know you’ll be done in time?

Trust us. This isn’t our first rodeo. It takes experience and planning to pull off same-day edits, both of which of have. And we don’t sacrifice quality with speed. We have powerful equipment and quality videographers, so you don’t have to worry.

Are there any cons?

The biggest thing is there isn’t time for input before the video is shown. With our standard highlight videos, we let you tell us what you want to be included and if there are any revisions we should make. We still allow for this, but with the time constraints, it’s after the fact.

Is there an extra cost?

Yes, this add-on is $1,000.

Ultimately, the final decision is yours. Some couples like the flare same-day edits add to the reception. Others are OK with waiting to see the final product. It comes down to what matters to you. Whatever that is, Capture the Knot wants to incorporate that into your wedding video.