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Capture the Knot has been filming weddings since 2013.

Accidents Happen.

We never planned on filming weddings. It was an accident. A good friend and photographer told us she knew engaged couples who were looking for wedding videographers and asked if we were interested. Our first instinct was to say no.

But as more requests came in, we started browsing YouTube and the local market for wedding videos and came up disappointed. The videos lacked style, detail, and passion. And the videographers were charging an arm and a leg for underwhelming work. It was clear the wedding industry could use a different option. Enter us. 

Five years later, we're continuing to create stylish and meaningful wedding videos that our clients, and now friends, can watch over and over again. We understand you're investing a lot into your wedding and adding videographers adds to the final price. But we're confident that once you receive the final product, you'll know the investment was worth it.

After all, your wedding is only one day, and it's easy to forget every memorable moment. Whether it's your grandpa's dance moves, your friends and family toasting your marriage, or the looks of pure love as you meet at the altar, let us capture it for you.

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