2018’s top trends in wedding videos

Written by: Erin Bell | Wedding Storyteller

Trends — some are worth jumping on the bandwagon while others should (and do) quickly fade away. Of course, we see trends in wedding videos from year to year. So Capture the Knot thought it would be useful to compile a list of the coolest crazes of 2018.

1. Capturing non-traditional moments

There are standard moments that every bride and groom are going to want on film — the first kiss, the first dance, cutting the cake, etc. But personal moments are a wonderful way to show the personality and love a couple has. That’s why more and more videos include things like the groom seeing the bride in her dress for the first time or the couple interacting with their parents (i.e., the bride’s mom helping her button her dress.) These moments are truly special to play back.

2. Highlight videos

Yes, you’re going to want access to the complete wedding footage. But most of your friends don’t want to see the entire wedding posted on Facebook. That’s what makes highlight videos so awesome. A several-minute video that shows the best memories from the day is perfect for sharing and replaying when you feel nostalgic.

3. Same day edits

Why wait? More couples are choosing not to when it comes to their wedding video. Instead, you can request that your videographer captures moments from the ceremony and edits a short video that can be shown at the reception. This is popular with wedding guests and allows everyone to relive the day together before hitting the dance floor.

4. Save the date video

It’s like a movie trailer for your wedding. This short video is meant to engage your guests and get them excited for the upcoming festivities. Think background music, a voiceover, and fun editing techniques. Plus, you’re the director and can let the videographer know exactly what type of vibe you’d like the video to have.

5. Journalistic style

This style is all about capturing events as they happen. The videographer will stay out of the way and capture natural moments. Then the final product will play out chronologically without extra frills like background music. It’s simple, so for couples who worry about coming off “cheesy,” this style can be refreshing.

6. Blooper reel

Laughing at yourself is important. So why not look for some humor during your wedding day. Any funny (or even embarrassing) moments caught will be compiled into a light-hearted video that’s sure to tickle your funny bone.

Whether you’re dying to try out one of these trends or you have your own unique request, Capture the Knot wants your wedding video to feel like you. Our videographers will work hard to make sure they capture your day just the way you want, trend or no trend.